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 Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Well everyone has them, and some stick to them.  Hopefully I will be successful in sticking with my resolutions this year.  One of them is to more regularly post relevant blog entries on WPF and DotNetNuke (and maybe both together).  It is really funny.  I spend a tremendous amount of time working with these two technologies.  Whenever I think about blogging about something I find, I tend to decide to play a little more so that I have more info to post.  By the time I am ready to post, I have to go do something else.  It seems it is an endless cycle of "hey, I need to put this into a post...I'll do that right after I finish this".  Needless to say there is always a "finish this" and rarely a post!  I am going to dedicate some time each week to posting here and in forums.  It seems that is the only way to make it happen consistently.  There is always something at work requiring my time.  So I have relegated myself to the fact that if I put things off till I have time, they will never get done!  I have a lot of plans for this year both professionally and personally.

One of my personal goals is to spend less time at home in front of the computer and more time with my wife and daughter.  A very close friend of mine's wife was recently diagnosed with cancer.  She is just my age and, believe me, it makes you stop and think about what is important!  Technology, software, the web....they are not just my job but my hobby and sincere love.  So I am always working on the laptop.  I don't want to neglect my other loves!

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