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 Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I am really excited about this!  Today, Microsoft announced Surface and the web site is now live.  To me, the fact that this technology has actually come to fruition is terrific.  It is like someone actually manufacturing one of those concept cars that we all wish would become reality but know we'll never really see!

I see so much potential for the technology!  From the Surface web site:

"Microsoft Surface, the first commercially available surface computer from Microsoft Corporation, turns an ordinary tabletop into a vibrant, interactive surface. It provides effortless interaction with digital content through natural gestures, touch and physical objects."

Take a look at some of the videos on the site and then just let your imagination soar.  Now I just have to talk my wife into letting me get one of these!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007 9:51:07 PM (Central Standard Time, UTC-06:00)

Today I did a presentation on WPF at a Microsoft developer training day in Nashville, Tennessee.  I think the presentation went well, but this was a rather interesting trip.

When Mark Dunn asked me to speak at the event, I had all but decided I was going to let one of my co-workers, Brandon McMillon, go instead.  My wife is due with our second daughter any day now.  I knew there was no way I could risk being gone for a night that far away.  Granted, Nashville is not that far, but it is far enough that she could go into labor and deliver in the amount of time it would take me to get back home.  Jeff Barnes, another co-worker was giving the presentation on WCF.  So Brandon said he would drive there and back today if I wanted to give the presentation.  So bottom line, I took the chance and was able to deliver the presentation myself.  I am glad I did.  As usual, it was a lot of fun and I really think the audience showed a good deal of interest in using WPF or Silverlight in some of their current projects!

Shortly after arriving in Nashville, while we were heading to the venue, my wife called.  You can imagine, as soon as I saw the phone number I thought, "You have got to be kidding me".  Luckily, she was just calling to see if we got up there alright.  I got no other calls from her and obviously she didn't go into labor today!  Maybe I will be as lucky with the lottery ticket I bought!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007 9:39:52 PM (Central Standard Time, UTC-06:00)
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